How do I use TIDAL with the Edge Remote App?

TIDAL is now integrated with your EDGE NQ. This will enable you to stream high fidelity audio from your TIDAL library directly to your EDGE NQ using the Edge Remote app. 

With your TIDAL account set up within the Edge Remote, you'll be able to add tracks from your TIDAL library to the queue within the app. 


In order to make use of this new feature, you will first need to make sure of the following:

  • Your Edge NQ is running firmware v014-a-140 or higher (please find firmware update instructions here).
  • You are running V1.5.1 or higher of the Edge Remote App.


Once you have updated the Edge Remote, you will be notified of the new feature by a red circle over both 'Media Library' and TIDAL.


red circle notification. 


To log in, you will need to select TIDAL, found under 'Services' within 'Media Library'. This will open a TIDAL login page where you will be able to input your TIDAL username and password. 


TIDAL login page                                                 Login successful

Once logged in you will be able to browse the complete TIDAL library. 


TIDAL Section




Search results tab.

Here you will be able to search the entire TIDAL library. 

The search results will provide the following options:

  • Top result
  • Tracks
  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Playlists

Selecting a track will play the track back straight away. 

Selecting an artist will open the artist page.


TIDAL Artist page.

The Artist page provides you with the following options: 

  • Top Tracks
  • Albums

Selecting a track will cause the EDGE NQ to 'Play Now'.

Selecting an album will open the album and display all the tracks from that album.



Selecting the '...' to the right of the tracks or albums will provide you with the following playback options:

  • Play now - Plays the selected track or album straight away.
  • Play next - The selected track or album will play after the track currently playing.
  • Add to queue - Adds the selected track or album to the end of the queue.
  • Replace queue - Will delete and replace the current queue with the selected track or album.
  • Add to My Collection - Will add the chosen track or album to your TIDAL Collection.


TIDAL playback options. 

If you select the '...' to the right of the Artist image, you will be provided with the following options: 

  • Add to My Collection - Will add the chosen artist to your TIDAL Collection.
  • Biography - Will open the Artist Biography page.


Artist Options.                                               Artist Biography page.



The TIDAL Home section provides you with the following options: 

  • New - Suggestions for new tracks, playlists and albums.
  • Recommended - Recommended tracks, playlists and albums TIDAL thinks you will like.
  • Top 20 - The current top 20 albums and tracks.
  • Exclusive - Playlists which are exclusive to TIDAL.




The Genres page provides you with playlists, tracks and albums related to a specific genre. 




The Moods page provides you with playlists depending on the 'mood' you are in. 


TIDAL Rising

TIDAL Rising is a program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to reach a wider audience with their music. The TIDAL rising section will provide you with tracks and albums from a select group of artists across genres from around the world. 


My Collection

Here you will find any playlists, albums, tracks or artist you have liked.



If you ever need to sign out you can do so here. This will completely disconnect your TIDAL account from the Edge Remote app. 


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