How do I pair the Alva TT to Bluetooth speakers/headphones?

Please find instructions on how to pair the Alva TT to Bluetooth speakers/headphones below: 

  • Make sure the device you are wanting to pair with the Alva TT is in pairing mode
  • Push and hold the Pairing button on the Alva TT for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode. This is indicated on the Alva TT by the Bluetooth LED flashing Fast. 
  • Once connected the LED will either be solid blue or long solid intervals (this indicates the Alva TT is paired to a device using aptX/aptX HD).
  • Once connected all audio from the Alva TT will be sent to your Bluetooth speaker/headphones.


If you experience any issues pairing with your Bluetooth speaker/headphones ensure that other devices are not interfering and also in pairing mode.

Should the Alva TT connect to the wrong Bluetooth device you can forget this connection and force the Alva TT to look for another device by pressing the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds.

By default, the Alva TT will always attempt to connect to the last paired device.

Should you wish to clear all connections and turn off Bluetooth, simply press and hold the Pairing button for 10 seconds. 


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