Tidal Playback Issue


The Cambridge Audio Streamer displays the pause icon over the Tidal song/album artwork and will not play.

This is caused by an incompatibility with the Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers.

This is a known issue with Fastweb ISP in Italy.


Manually assign Google’s Public DNS server IP addresses to the Cambridge Audio network device.


Configure your router to reserve a local IP address to be used by the Streamer or choose an IP that is outside of the range of your DHCP scope

This will stop the chosen IP address from being used by another device on your network.


Configure your Streamer to use a Static IP address and Google DNS:

On the front of the Streamer navigate to Home -> Settings -> Network -> Edit Config

Use DHCP?            NO

IP address:            Enter the reserved IP address                   Example:

Network Mask:       Enter your networks subnet mask             Example:

Gateway Address    Enter the IP address of your router           Example:

DNS Server 1:        Enter

DNS Server 2:        Enter

Choose no to “Enter DNS Server 3”

Confirm that the Streamer has network and internet connectivity, for example by playing Internet Radio.


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