Can I switch off the Pre-amp function on the EDGE NQ?

As of the Firmware update; released on 22nd January 2019 (v014-a-109+a), you will now be able to disable the Pre-amp and set the EDGE NQ to a fixed line output instead. 


Why would I need to turn off the Pre-amp on the EDGE NQ?

You will only need to consider disabling the Pre-amp on the EDGE NQ if the unit is connected to an integrated amp such as the EDGE A. 

When connected to an integrated amp you may prefer to only have one volume control and instead use the EDGE NQ at a fixed, line level output. 

PLEASE NOTE: When connected directly to a power amplifier (such as the EDGE W), please do not disable Pre-amp mode. This could cause damage to both the equipment and the speakers connected to your power amplifier. 

How do I disable the Pre-amp function on the EDGE NQ? 

To turn off Pre-amp mode please follow the steps below: 

1. Open the EDGE remote app on your Android/iOS device.

2. Connect to your EDGE NQ and click 'more' along the bottom of the page to bring up the settings menu. 


EDGE Remote Settings Menu

3. Here you will notice a toggle for 'Pre-amp mode'. To turn off 'Pre-amp mode' simply press this toggle.


Disabling pre-amp mode warning.

4. Upon disabling 'Pre-amp mode', a warning box will appear asking you if you would like to continue and to ensure your amplifier is switched off. This is to avoid users disabling this function by accident.

If you would like to continue, click 'Ok'.

5. Once you have clicked 'Ok' the Pre-amp mode will be disabled. This will prevent the ability to adjust the volume of the EDGE NQ from within the app. The volume knob on the front of the EDGE NQ will become inactive. 


'Pre-amp mode disabled'


If you need to enable 'Pre-amp mode' again simply navigate back to the settings menu and press the toggle.

Upon enabling 'Pre-amp mode' you will notice the volume knob move to zero to avoid any damage to your systems' components.

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