EDGE NQ - Information about previous firmware updates

22nd January 2019


New Features:

  • Ability to enable or disable pre-amp mode.


  • Fix to stop unintended auto-power-down on some Bluetooth streams.
  • Fix to make sure you can always save a Spotify album or playlist as a preset when using the Edge Remote.
  • Fix some USB drives not being detected.
  • Fix a rare crash when setting the language and then immediately changing preamp mode.
  • Fix to stop adding previously deleted queue items to the queue after changing the shuffle state.
  • Fix to ensure that the next track is played after deleting the current track in the queue.
  • Fix Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration for users connecting to hidden networks.
  • Fix to remove track length restrictions on High-resolution WAV files larger than 2GB.


20th November 2018



  • Fix for APEv2 support.
  • Fix for front panel still illuminated when unit is put in standby by remote app.
  • Fixed crash when going to network standby while USB drive is mounting.
  • Improved Audirvana support - better synchronisation with Mac app.
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