Why have Cambridge Audio manufactured a direct drive turntable and what are the benefits?

Whilst most turntables on the market today utilise a Belt Drive, for the ALVA TT, we opted for a medium torque Direct Drive. Although harder to manufacture, it offers several key benefits over
Belt Drive:

  • Over time, the rubber belt will need to be replaced. Belt Drive elastic can wear down, and can eventually break.
  • The belt stretches and contracts under the load of the platter. Belt Drive turntables have a less accurate playback speed than Direct Drive turntables as a result.
  • The best Belt Drive turntables can achieve 0.2% Wow (slow speed drifts, slurring) and Flutter (high speed drifts, warbling). Direct Drive turntables perform much better, with the ALVA TT having just 0.06% Wow and Flutter.
  • This means a far better pitch stability – particularly during longer, more sustained notes.
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