Does the TIDAL update support MQA playback?

There are currently no plans to integrate MQA support into any of our current products as this would require a hardware modification to install a Full MQA Decoder.

As MQA files are packaged inside any lossless container such as FLAC, WAV or Apple Lossless, this enables them to be played from your PC or Mac via a USB Audio connection to a Cambridge Audio Network Player even though a Full MQA Decoder is not built into the unit.

As the Decoder is not built in, these files will play at a maximum of 24 Bit/96 kHz. This can still be up-scaled to a superior 24 Bit/384 kHz within the 851N and CXN however.


The Tidal Music desktop app can also be played from your PC or Mac through a USB Audio connection to your Cambridge Audio network player. This will also give access to the Tidal Masters service and access to MQA content, which is currently unavailable through the mobile app.

To enable playback, connect a USB A to B cable between your PC or Mac and the Cambridge Audio network player and select “USB Audio” as the desired digital input through the network players interface.

Although we cannot guarantee MQA's Decoders or Renderers will be implemented into future products, we are looking into the possibility of this.

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