Does my Network Streamer support MQA playback?

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  • Kristian Handberg

    You guys,

    I’m the proud and very happy owner of the Azur851n. Being a tidal subscriber, I was hoping to try out the master formats. Hmm... My azur doesn’t support this format, but I read that I could deliver it to the streamer via a Pc through a usb a-b. Tried this... What a horrid result though! The display in the azur says 48.0khz PCM while playing... Am I doing something wrong?

    Don’t take this as a critism! I love my player❤️ Hope you guys had a merry Christmas and will enjoy a happy new year (it will hopefully be a “sane” year, the former being a catastrophe).

    Yours sincerely

    Kristian Kærbye Handberg

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