How can I control the EDGE NQ with voice commands?

As the EDGE NQ includes Chromecast Built-in this means it can communicate with, and be recognised via the Google Home app and other Google Home devices. This means you can control the unit with your voice. If you have a Google Home device with a built in microphone, such as the Google Home Mini, you can use a series of voice commands to control/playback music.


Please follow the instructions below to achieve this: 

1. Ensure your EDGE NQ has been set up on the same network as your Google Home device. 

2. Download the Google Home app from the App Store (iOS device) or the Play Store (Android device).

3. Once downloaded you should find all available Cast speakers on your network. The app will break these down to show speakers you have assigned to a particular room and also list all unassigned speakers as 'Local devices'.

4. Next, navigate to settings within the app and scroll down to 'Google Assistant services'. Once here select 'Music'. Here you can link certain music services to your account such as: 

  • YouTube Music
  • Google Play Music
  • Deezer
  • Spotify

5. Once a Music service is linked to your account you will be able to say the following type of commands: 

  • 'Ok Google play music on <name of EDGE NQ>'
  • 'Ok Google play <music genre> on <name of EDGE NQ>'
  • 'Ok Google play <album name> on <name of Edge NQ>'

6. With music playing you will be able to say the following type of playback commands:

  • 'Ok Google play'
  • 'Ok Google pause'
  • 'Ok Google skip'

7. You will also be able to control the volume with the following commands:

  • 'Ok Google set volume to 50%'
  • 'Ok Google mute'
  • Ok Google turn up'

8. If you use a streaming service such as TIDAL, which currently can't be linked to your Google Home account, you can still use the voice commands in steps 6 and 7 once music is playing. You would simply not be able to instruct the EDGE NQ to play a certain track/genre etc from TIDAL. 

Please Note: You will still be able to benefit from the use of voice commands even if you do not own a Google Home device. Within the Google Home app you should notice a microphone symbol along the bottom of the app. Clicking this will allow you to make use of the same voice commands above. 

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