How do I setup an EDGE NQ on a WiFi network (iOS)?

To use all of the features of the EDGE NQ you will need to connect it to your network.

To connect your EDGE NQ to your network over WiFi you will first need to connect the USB WiFi dongle which came with the unit.


Rear of EDGE NQ.

Please Connect the USB WiFi dongle to the port labelled '12' on the picture above. 

Once connected please power on the EDGE NQ and download the Edge Remote app from the App Store.

Upon opening the Edge Remote app the following message should be displayed:


New EDGE NQ Found

To start the setup process press 'Ok'



AirPort Setup screen

The App will then start gathering information about your WiFi network and any surrounding WiFi networks that are available.


Network Select screen

Select the Network you want the EDGE NQ to join and click 'Next'.


Setup Complete screen

The Final screen will confirm the Network your Edge NQ has joined. To complete setup press 'Done'.

The Edge NQ will then restart and ask you to confirm a few more settings.


Further Settings.

  • Unit Name - Here you will be able to give your EDGE NQ a personalised name
  • Standby Mode - Here you will be able to choose either 'Network Standby' or 'Eco Mode'
    • Network Standby - The EDGE NQ always has a network connection.
    • Eco Mode - When in standby the EDGE NQ will not have a network connection. Apps, including the Edge Remote will not be able to wake the unit from standby.
  • Volume Limit - This limits the maximum volume that other applications (ie Spotify, TIDAL etc) can attain. When active only the volume control, remote control or EDGE app can set the volume higher than the limit.

We recommend having the volume limit set below 85%. This will mean that apps being wirelessly streamed to the EDGE NQ are unable to achieve maximum volume, which could damage your speakers. 


Once finished click 'Next'.


Chromecast Built-in Privacy Policy

The Final page will ask you to accept the Google Privacy Policy in order to enable Chromecast Built-in. To use this feature press 'Accept'. If you do not want to use this feature please choose 'Decline'

You will also notice a checkbox labelled 'Share usage data'. Google may collect system activity, crash reports and usage data (details about how you use the casting functionality of your Cast device, including the apps and domains you cast).

You can control Google's collection of crash reports and usage data through a device setting, which is enabled by default. Simply un-check this box if you do not want to share this type of information.

Your Edge NQ will then save these settings. 


Setup complete.

The app will then open with a Chromecast built-in popup box With the options 'Learn More' or 'No Thanks'. If you are unsure how Chromecast built-in works please press 'Learn More'. To start using the Edge Remote app press 'No Thanks'.



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