What do the icons on my EDGE NQ display mean?

Please see below for a complete explanation of all of the icons on the EDGE NQ display.


1. Current Source

The top left of the NQ display will indicate which source is currently being used. A section of the small circle will be highlighted blue; this corresponds to the source location on the source selector wheel.

The chosen source’s logo or name will also display next to this circle.


2. Source Indication

The source selector wheel displays all of the NQ’s sources and indicates which source is selected in blue.

Please see the list below for an explanation of the logo/name of each source:

  • A1 – Analogue input one (RCA Unbalanced)
  • A2 – Analogue input two (RCA Unbalanced)
  • A3 – Analogue input three (XLR Balanced)
  • D1 – Digital input one (Optical)
  • D2 – Digital input two (Optical)
  • D3 – Digital input three (Co-axial)
  • D4 – Digital input four (HDMI ARC)
  • D5 – Digital input five (USB Audio)
  • ui_src_bt_icon.png – Bluetooth
  • ui_src_airplay_icon.png – AirPlay
  • ui_src_spotify_icon.png – Spotify
  • ui_src_cast_icon.png – Cast
  • ui_src_radio_icon.png – Internet Radio
  • ui_src_library_icon.png – Media Library


3. Icons

The top right of the NQ display features a range of status icons. Please see the list below for an explanation of each icon:

  • Icons_01.jpg – Ethernet Connection
  • Icons_02.jpg – WiFi Connection
  • Icons_09.jpg – No Network Connection
  • Icons_05.jpg – Speaker
  • Icons_04.jpg – Mute
  • Icons_07.jpg – Headphones
  • Icons_03.jpg – Headphones Mute
  • Icons_08.jpg – USB Media Connected
  • Icons_06.jpg – Firmware Update Available


Please Note: EDGE NQ will automatically display a notification when it is connected to a network and new firmware is available. To update the firmware use either the Edge Remote app or the product webmin page.

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