Edge Remote app explained

Our Edge Remote app allows you to control the EDGE NQ via a phone or tablet. 

This app is compatible with iOS 10 and Android 5.0 or later.

To help our users; the following guide will explain some of the basic functions of the Edge remote app.


Upon opening the app for the first time, you will be greeted with the welcome messages asking you to unbox and connect your EDGE NQ to your network.



Welcome messages

After clicking 'Done' you should find your EDGE unit displayed on the Players Screen. 


Players Screen

Select your EDGE NQ by pressing the image which will take you to the Home Screen.

Home Screen:


The main portion of the home screen is dedicated to the Source Select Wheel. To select a source, tap the corresponding segment to the feature you wish to use. The selected source will be highlighted blue.

Source List:

  • A1 – Analogue input one (RCA unbalanced)
  • A2 – Analogue input two (RCA unbalanced)
  • A3 – Analogue input three (XLR Balanced)
  • D1 – Digital input one (Optical)
  • D2 – Digital input two (Optical)
  • D3 – Digital input three (Co-axial)
  • D4 – Digital input four (HDMI ARC)
  • D5 – Digital input five (USB Audio)
  • ui_src_bt_icon.png – Bluetooth
  • ui_src_airplay_icon.png – AirPlay
  • ui_src_spotify_icon.png – Spotify
  • ui_src_cast_icon.png – Cast
  • ui_src_radio_icon.png – Internet Radio
  • ui_src_library_icon.png – Media Library

 To access volume controls press volume_icon.png in the centre of the Source Select Wheel.



Volume Slider

Upon selecting the speaker icon in the centre of the Source Select Wheel, the wheel will become a volume slider allowing you to adjust the volume of the EDGE NQ. Pressing volume_icon.png  will mute the EDGE NQ.

To return to the Source Select Wheel press src_icon.png.


Below the Source Select Wheel you will find the following playback options:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Skip Forward/backwards
  • Shuffle
  • Repeat

At the bottom of the screen you will find the EDGE NQ device you are currently connected to. Pressing this blue section will bring up the Players Screen.

Above the Source Select Wheel you will find the 'Now Playing' section. When using a Streaming Service or accessing your Media Library this will display the following: 

  • Album Artwork
  • Artist, Album and Track Name
  • Track duration

At the top of the screen are examples of music apps you can Cast from as well as the Menu icon ic_menu_black.png  in the far right.




The Menu consists of the following options:

  • Presets - This will display all Internet Radio stations or Spotify playlists you have saved.
  • Media Library - Here you will be able to browse, select and play audio files from any NAS/UPnP server on your network. You will also find your USB HDD if this is connected directly to your EDGE NQ.
  • Internet Radio - Here you will be able to search our database of Internet Radio Stations.
  • Settings - This section provides adjustable settings for the EDGE NQ.
  • Standby - This puts your EDGE NQ into standby.
  • About - Provides information regarding your EDGE NQ such as IP address, User ID and current firmware. 

Please Note: When a firmware update is available, both the menu icon and settings icon will appear with a red circle.


Media Library:


Media Library source

To start playback from your Media Library; first, make sure that the Media Library source ui_src_library_icon.png is highlighted blue.

To select tracks from your NAS, UPnP server or USB HDD you will need to press queue_icon-black.png in the bottom right of the 'Now Playing' section. Alternatively, press ic_menu_black.png in the top right to navigate to 'Media Library' ui_src_library_icon.png.


EDGE NQ Media Queue

When the Queue is empty you will be able to add albums/tracks directly to the queue by pressing  ui_src_library_icon.png in the centre of the screen.

If the queue is already populated, you can add additional items by pressing ic_menu_black.png in the top right and navigate to ui_src_library_icon.png Media Library.


Media Library Section

Along the top of the Library section, you will be able to scroll through all NAS Drives/UPnP servers on your network as well as USB HDDs.

Once the correct drive has been selected, you'll be able to browse your music collection!



Playback Options

If you press the three dots to the right of the track/album you can choose from the following options:

  • Play now - Plays the selected track or album straight away. The rest of an existing queue will remain.
  • Play from here - Will play the selected track straight away and all tracks which follow. Again, the rest of an existing queue will remain.
  • Play next - The selected track or album will play after the track currently playing whilst maintaining the existing queue.
  • Add to queue - Adds the selected track or album to the end of the queue.
  • Replace queue - Replaces the queue with the selected track or album.





You can view your queue by pressing queue_icon-black.png in the now playing section on the homepage. 

To edit the queue you will need to press edit_icon_black.png. This will allow you to change the order or delete individual tracks. To delete all tracks simply press 'Delete All' along the top of the screen. 

Once you have finished editing the queue, press accept_icon_black.png to finish. 

 Internet Radio:


Internet Radio Source                               Internet Radio Search

To start playback of an internet radio station; first, make sure that the internet radio ui_src_radio_icon.png source is selected.

To search for an Internet Radio station press search_icon_black.png in the now playing section. Here you will be able to search and playback radio stations. You can also use filter options to search as well.

Once an Internet Radio station is playing, you can add the station to your presets by pressing add_preset_icon_black.png in the 'Now Playing' section. 


Internet Radio 'Now Playing' screen




Preset List

To navigate to presets, press ic_menu_black.png in the top right and select 'Presets. Here, you will be able to see all previously saved presets. Pressing 'Add' will assign the currently playing Internet Radio station as a new preset. You can also add any Spotify Album or playlist to this list. 

To edit your Preset List, press edit_icon_black.png. This will then allow you to either individually delete presets or Delete All. 

Once you have finished editing your presets, press accept_icon_black.png to finish. 


For further help and support with the Edge remote app please contact us by submitting a request here.


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