How do I enable Chromecast Built-In on my CXN V2?

With the V014-a-081+a firmware update released in September 2018 Chromecast Built-In was added to the CXN V2. 

This will enable you to use the Cast feature built into many apps to stream content wirelessly to the CXN V2. 


Please find instructions for how to enable this new feature below: 

1. Upon installing the V014-a-081+a firmware update you will be presented with the following message 'To complete set-up go to http://XXX.XXX.X.XXX' (this number will be the IP address for your CXNV2). 

The IP address is needed to access your CXNV2's webadmin page to complete setup for Chromecast Built-In. If you lose this message and need to access your devices IP address again; please long press the 'i' button on the front of the unit. 

2.You will need to put your CXNV2's IP address into a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc) on a computer or phone that is connected to the same home network. You will then be presented with the welcome message below:


CXN V2 Webadmin Page welcome message


3. Once on this page please make sure that 'Set-up the rest' is selected and choose continue.

4. Next you will need to give your CXNV2 a personal name that will be shown when you attempt to Cast to the unit. Upon renaming your unit select continue.


Rename your unit page


5.After naming your CXNV2 you will be presented with Google's Privacy Policy which you will need to read and 'Accept' if you want to use Chromecast Built-in. Please choose 'Decline' if you do not accept and do not want to make use of this feature. 


Google Privacy Policy's


6. After agreeing to Google's Privacy Policy you will be given the option to view tutorials on how to use Chromecast Built-in. If you do not want to view these tutorials please select 'No thanks'.


Chromecast Built-In Tutorial Page


7. Chromecast Built-In will now be enabled on your CXNV2. Upon completing setup you will be presented with the Chromecast Built-In section. Here you will have links to pages such as 'Find out how to Cast' and 'Chromecast enabled apps'. You will also have links to Googles terms of services, license information and policy's. 


Chromecast Built-In section


 8. You will also notice a tickbox labelled 'Share usage data'. Google may collect system activity, crash reports and usage data (details about how you use the casting functionality of your Cast device, including the apps and domains you cast).

You can control Google's collection of crash reports and usage data through a device setting, which is enabled by default. Simply untick this box if you do not want to share this type of information.

9. To ensure 'Now Playing' information is displayed within the CA Connect App you will need to ensure you install the most recent version, V3.2.0. on your phone/tablet.


Please note that Cambridge Audio cannot guarantee correct operation of streaming audio via Chromecast built-in in every wireless network environment even if the above requirements are met. Some applications supporting Chromecast built-in require a paid subscription and are subject to regional availability. Due to a policy of continuous product improvement, Cambridge Audio reserves the right to change specifications without notice. 

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