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Relevant Products: EDGE NQ, Azur 851N, CXN v1 & v2, CXR120, CXR200, Stream Magic 6 v2

As of April 2018 TIDAL has been fully integrated into our Network Players. You are now able to log into your TIDAL account within the CA Connect App and browse the full content of TIDAL's vast music library.


As well as playing TIDAL directly from within the CA Connect app you can also use the following methods to listen to TIDAL.

 Apple AirPlay

You can play any streaming service on your network player using AirPlay from a compatible Apple device.

Choose “More Devices” and select the Apple AirPlay icon  from within your chosen App, Control Centre or iTunes (PC/Mac) and select your Network Player.

 USB from my PC or Mac

Any desktop app can also be played from your PC or Mac through a USB connection to your Cambridge Audio network player when a direct point to point connection is implemented.

Connect a USB A to B cable between your PC or Mac and the Cambridge Audio network player and select “USB Audio” as the desired digital input through the network players’ interface.

 Bluetooth (aptX)

Audio can also be played over a Bluetooth connection available by connecting the optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver to the Cambridge Audio network player and pairing it to your smart device.  


For more information on TIDAL and how to use it alongside our network players please visit the TIDAL section on our support site

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