How do I connect my TV to the EDGE NQ?

The EDGE NQ has an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input to allow you to create a connection to a TV that supports ARC function.

The TV ARC input is labelled as D4 on the front panel source selector.

With some TV's, the EDGE NQ will output a distorted sound if you are viewing HD content such as:

  • HD Channels
  • Netflix Apps
  • Amazon Instant Video Apps
  • Blu-Ray/DVD’s
  • Satellite TV Provider e.g. Sky, Virgin TiVo etc.

This occurs because these will output multi-channel (surround) sound as a default setting.

As the EDGE NQ is only able to decode a stereo PCM signal, you will need to ensure the audio output of your TV/App/Box’s settings are configured to LPCM/Stereo. If you are unsure of how to amend your settings, please consult your TV/Box’s manufacturer.


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