How do I perform a factory reset on the EDGE NQ?

If you are experiencing issues with the functionality of the EDGE NQ, we would initially recommend disconnecting the unit from power for 30 minutes before reconnecting.

If this does not solve the problem you are facing or you would simply like to set the unit up from scratch; it may be best to fully reset the unit.


There are two ways to factory reset the EDGE NQ but both methods achieve the same result.

The first option is to simply select 'Factory Reset' in the EDGE NQ setup menu. To enter the setup menu, press and hold the front panel power button for a few seconds while the unit is powered on. Use the source selector to browse through various settings and press the power button to select.

The second option is to press and hold the power button on the front of the EDGE NQ for 5-10 seconds whilst plugging the power cable into the unit. When the power button LED turns blue please disconnect the power cable again to complete the factory reset. 

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