How do I connect my Macbook/iMac to the EDGE A?

The Edge A comes equipped with a USB Audio Input for connecting to a PC/Mac computer.

If you are using an Apple Macbook or iMac you will not need to download or install any additional drivers before connecting. 


Please find instructions for USB audio setup below. 

1. Run a USB Audio cable from the D5 input on your EDGE A to a free USB port on your computer. Please be aware if you own a Macbook from 2016 or later you will need to purchase an additional USB-C adapter. 

2. Upon turning on your EDGE A please select the D5 input. You should notice that the EDGE A appears as 'CA Edge 2.0' under Output within your Sound Settings (System Preferences > Sound> Output).


EDGE A listed as an Output device within Sound Settings.


3. Make sure that the EDGE A is selected as the Output Device.

4. To achieve the best possible sound quality you will need to navigate to Audio MIDI Setup (Finder>Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup). Within 'Format' you will be able to select which sample rate and bit depth to use. We would recommend selecting the highest available.


EDGE A Audio MIDI Setup options


Now all audio from your computer will be routed to and played back on the speakers connected to your EDGE A.


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