EDGE NQ - Information about the latest firmware update

Here at Cambridge Audio, we’ve been working hard to make your Edge NQ experience even better! There is a new firmware update.

The next time you switch on your EDGE NQ it will automatically see that an update is available and will prompt you to update. Alternatively, you can update your device manually by going to Settings within the EDGE remote app. 

For a basic guide to the EDGE Remote app, please click here.

25th April 2019


New Features:

  • Native TIDAL support (requires Edge Remote version 1.5.1). For a Guide on how TIDAL works within the Edge Remote please read this article here


  • Fix the end of some tracks being cut off.
  • Fix to stop entering network standby when re-connecting to internet radio.
  • Fix for an occasional front panel screen flicker when casting TIDAL/Mconnect App.
  • Improved playback on low bit-rate MP3 files over UPnP.
  • Fix for removing presets via Webmin.
  • [AirPlay] Return to the correct volume after un-muting.
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