Android Release Notes

Stability has been our focus recently, we've been working on a lot of crash fixes so hopefully you'll see an improvement in any issues you may have encountered.

Cambridge Connect v3.2.2(117)

- App will not save radio preset if not a ‘returned search result’
- Error when submitting a ticket via ‘Contact Us’ within the Connect App
- Android 8 support

Cambridge Connect v3.2.0(115)

- Added Chromecast built-in support for CXNv2
- Added TIDAL visibility switch in settings screen.
- Updated layout for settings screen.
- Updated design of feedback form(Contact us screen).

Cambridge Connect v3.1.9 (113)

- removed unnecessary permissions
- filtered out Edge NQ
- when setting a preset, the description doesn't updated
- reverted sorting logic in Album Screen to fix Multi Disk Problem

Cambridge Connect v3.1.8 (111)

- Added Chrome Cast built in Support.

Cambridge Connect v3.1.7 (110)

- TIDAL - Added support to add all Artist's Tracks to Queue.
- Added 'Register product from App' link in Settings Screen.
- Fixed Application displays infinite loading animation with message 'Searching' when no device (Ex. CXN/NP30) available on network.
- Fixed Volume control issue on Radio Page.

- Fixed Play Store crashes and ANRs.
   - Random crash while opening Now Playing Screen.
   - Random crash on connecting to new device.
   - Crash while opening Settings screen when no device is selected.
   - Crash when device disconnects while scrolling Now Playing Queue.
   - Random crash when on Device Selection screen and a device is added/removed from the list.
   - Random crash on selecting Spotify option from the list of inputs on Inputs screen.
   - Random crash while opening Radio screen.
   - Random crash while scrolling Now Playing Queue when added more than 100 tracks.
   - Random crash while searching for radios.
   - Random crash after extensive playback operations and initiating a new playback of the track because of low memory.
   - Crash while opening albums having tracks whose album art are of high resolution.
   - Crash when user taps on the device to connect and minimizes app and connection to the device fails.
   - Crash for few local tracks whose metadata is disrupted.
   - ANR while searching for radios


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