iOS Release Notes

 Stability has been our focus recently, we've been working on a lot of crash fixes so hopefully you'll see an improvement in any issues you may have encountered.

Cambridge Connect 3.2.1

- Fixed support ticket submission.
- Fix for 'No time shown on now playing bar at the Bottom of the browser screen on iPad'
- Fixed non-enabled Play/Pause button on Now Playing screen for AirPlay source.
- Fixed problem when selecting Play Next for Local media that caused a problem with currently playing tracks.
- Fixed problem where the app would not save radio preset if the station was not a 'returned search result'.

Cambridge Connect 3.2.0

- Added Chromecast built-in support for CXNv2
- Added TIDAL visibility switch in settings screen.
- Updated layout for settings screen.
- Updated design of feedback form(Contact us screen).
- Updated design of Help screen

Cambridge Connect 3.1.9

- Fixed multi disk album tracks order issue.
- Fixed the issue in adding presets from now playing screen. 
- Display progress indicator while fetching radio filters items (eg. Location, Genre).
- Fixed issue: App fails to connect to any Stream Magic device when under certain renaming conditions
- Fixed issue: Unable to add preset from now playing screen.
- Resolved wrong placeholder images issue for track and folder.
- Fixed a crash on queue for multiple delete operation.

Cambridge Connect 3.1.8

- Fixed issue  that user can't access local device media on CA Connect App if no servers are found

Cambridge Connect 3.1.7

- Added "Register Your Product" option in settings, redirected user on default browser on click of option.
- Added button and actions to queue all tidal artist tracks.
- Changed implementation of pull to refresh on players screen to resolve below issues:
 1. Blank screen on pull to refresh.
 2. Not able to select device when simultaneously toggled between devices and pull to refresh. 
- Fixed crash on toggling between tracks and deleting tracks on queue.
- Fixed crash on album screen, occurring while browsing folder containing subfolders and tracks on USB.
- Fixed random crash on library screen while displaying data and toggling between search and normal list of tracks.
- Fixed crash on Settings and Library screen.
- Fixed crash on playback initiation if DIDL is empty
- Fixed crash found while browsing media library.
- Fixed multiple crashes while invoking empty/nil blocks .
- Fixed a rare crash on albums screen while retrieving media items.
- Fixed crash on usb mount for SMDevice.
- Fixed crash on QueueFolder API for empty serverUDN.

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