Phono Preamplifiers - Moving Magnet/Moving Coil Cartridges

Relevant Products: Solo, Duo, CP1, CP2 

A phono cartridge has three main components, the needle, which sits in the grooves on your record, a magnet and a coil. As the coil or magnet move in relation to each other, they generate a voltage.

In the simplest terms, a Moving-Magnet (MM) cartridge is exactly what it sounds like. The part attached to the needle, is a magnet, which moves inside a surrounding coil of wire.

Moving Coil (MC) is the same basic components but the opposite way around. The coil rides on top of the needle surrounded by a magnet. Due to the smaller parts and greater precision, moving coil cartridges tend to be expensive compared to a moving magnet cartridge.

The primary difference between the cartridge types is, Moving Coil cartridges have a much lower output voltage compared to Moving Magnet cartridges, so require a higher level of amplification before input to your amp.

The audible differences between the two magnet types can create a spirited debate amongst vinyl aficionados and you’ll find plenty of opinion across the internet.

The Solo and CP1 are Moving-Magnet-type (MM) phono stages, and the Duo and CP2 are capable of both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil (MC) operation.

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