Amplifiers - Bluetooth

Relevant Products: CXA60, CXA80, CXR200, CXR120

A Bluetooth connection is available by connecting the optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver to your Cambridge Audio Amplifier and pairing it to your smart device. This will allow you to stream audio from any phone or tablet to your unit. 

Upon connecting the BT100 to your amplifier you will then need to select the Bluetooth input. 

You can find setup instructions for the BT100 here.

If using an aptX enabled audio device you will be able to achieve 16-bit 44.1KHz streaming and be able to wirelessly stream Hi-Res audio files such as FLAC. If your device is not aptX enabled you will instead be using the standard SBC Bluetooth codec.

You can find out more about how aptX works here.

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