DacMagic 100 - Firmware Information

If your DacMagic 100 was manufactured prior to 2014, you will require an update to enable USB Audio 2.0 compatibility.

The DacMagic 100 firmware upgrade file can be accessed AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

You can tell when your DacMagic was manufactured via the serial number. The numbers in bold below indicate the year followed by the month. In this example, the unit would have been made in August 2013.

XX C10501 1308 0001

Please note: This is for the DacMagic 100 ONLY. It is important this is not applied to any other version of DacMagic as this will cause a major failure and cause your unit to stop functioning.


If you are using Windows, you will need our v4.40 Windows driver update for versions 7, 8 and 10 to ensure your PC or laptop continues to recognise the DacMagic. The v4.47 update can be downloaded here.

Whilst the driver update is not required for Mac users, the installation instructions for both the Firmware update and Driver installation are within the v4.47 driver documentation.


Once you have installed the relevant updates, you will need to switch to USB 2.0 on the DacMagic.

To change USB Class on the DacMagic 100:

Press and hold the Source button whilst bringing the unit out of standby.

One of the digital input source LEDs will illuminate to indicate the current USB setting: S/P Dif 1 represents USB Audio Class 1.0, likewise S/P DIF 2 is USB Audio Class 2.0.

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