Information about previous NP30 firmware updates.

5th July 2016

268-a-104 for NP30

268-a-104+001 for NP30 with APD (auto power down)

This update includes:

  • German language fixes
  • Limited device name to 63 characters
  • Added shuffle & repeat control support to Spotify
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed RTC issue on Minx Xi
  • Improved Minx Xi start up
  • Improved volume initialisation on the Minx Xi
  • Improved playback from the default QNAP UPnP server
  • Increased the limit on max number of results returned in station search



21st Jan 2016

268-a-089 for NP30

268-a-089+001 for NP30 with APD (auto power down)


  • Added 'Play from here' option to media playback pop-up menus
  • Info screen (long press on 'i' key for useful support information)
  • Added internet connectivity check

UI changes

  • Select currently playing item when displaying queue browser
  • Move [Clear Queue] to top of menu
  • Tidy up upgrade indications in web administration pages



5th August 2015:

268-a-083 for NP30

268-a-083+001 for NP30 with APD (auto power down)

  • Added support for metadata extraction from AIFF files (USB browsing)
  • Added support for metadata extraction from .wav files (USB browsing)
  • Added remote debug capability and logging           
  • Fix Bluetooth distorted audio issues
  • Fix crash when appending empty directory to a shuffled queue
  • Fix issue with Starting... translation not being displayed correct in certain languages (eg German)
  • Prevent crash when back/info/home is pressed during "Finding Music"
  • Fix crash when backing out of dynamic menu before data arrives
  • Fix lack of album art on foobar2000
  • Remove un-needed Wi-Fi code to perform a wireless scan after start-up
  • Fix crash when dropping back to playback control while menu is still loading
  • Fix crash when backing out of a USB folder while it's still loading



6th July 2015:

268-a-070 for NP30

268-a-070+001 for NP30 with APD


  • Spotify Connect
  • New Queue user interface
  • Add support for USB browsing via the Cambridge Connect app
  • Add web settings page for configuring device name, streaming services and podcasts
  • New menu layout, including:
    • Music Library with combined UPnP/USB and [Queue] option
    • Radio, also containing streaming services

User interface enhancements:

  • Ignore USB playlists within a directory when adding to queue
  • When browsing, make front-panel play button pop-up the queue selector rather than always doing play now.
  • Remove relevant items from queue when USB device is removed
  • Cache data from browsing USB sticks to allow quicker navigation
  • Rename "Idle Mode" to "Standby Mode" (and "Network Standby"/"ECO Mode")


  • Improved stability
  • Added volume adjustment when live menus are loading
  • More intuitive browsing when playing radio stations



18th May 2015:

266-b-572 for NP30

266-b-572-a-001 for NP30 with APD


  • Fixed issues browsing Synology network storage devices.
  • Fix crash when skipping in shuffled queue.
  • Fix issue with Pandora stopping some tracks after 7 seconds.



4th September 2014:

v266-b-564 For NP30

v266-b-564-a-001 for NP30 with APD

  • Improvements for companion app support (including new Android app)
  • Sort local media (USB) files according to disc number
  • Fix audio being lost at the start of playback
  • Handle currently playing item being deleted from the queue



12th March 2014:

v266-b-553 for NP30

v266-b-553-a-001 for NP30 without APD


  • Fix UPnP search on Minim Server
  • USB playback - fix problem where some files were not being seen on the thumbdrive
  • Remove limit of number of tracks allowed in a playlist (was 20)
  • Fix potential long term internet radio playback issues
  • Try harder to ensure UPnP byebye is sent before unit shuts down (fix to help with iOS/Android app)
  • Pre-select current Wired/Wireless setting before displaying the menu
  • Fix display of DNS servers
  • Fix UPnP browsing crash on corrupt server when (null) being returned for dc:title




21st January 2014:

v266-b-546 for NP30

v266-b-546-a-001 for NP30 without APD


  • Tell UPnP servers to sort all browse requests according to upnp:originalTrackNumber
  • Fix crash on NP30/Minx Xi units (French or Italian units only) when entering UPnP menu
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes



4th November 2013:

v266-b-525-a-005 for NP30 without APD

  • Fixed text alignment issues


30th July 2013:

v266-b-525-a-003 for NP30

  • Fix missing presets on iOS/Android apps
  • Add Polish and improve other translations
  • Fix crash when shuffle/repeat pressed in Bluetooth mode
  • Fixes to support station delete in Pandora
  • Stability fixes in playback engines
  • Miscellaneous changes to support latest versions of mobile app
  • Fix crash in 'auto' network mode when inserting ethernet cable while wi-fi interface is coming up
  • Fix crash when connecting mobile app after using an interactive menu
  • Fix MP3 metadata reported from ISO-8859-1 encoded files
  • USB Media: Try harder to use volume-label as friendly name if available, otherwise use vendor/model name
  • Fix 'is playing' indications for Pandora
  • Show volume changes made via UPnP interface on main screen
  • BT100: Remove Playback status, as it was unreliable


16th April 2013:

v266-b-482 for NP30

v266-b-482-a-002 for NP30 with APD

  • Improve occasional track skipping seen when using certain Synology NAS devices
  • Improve stability when using Stream Magic iPhone/Android control app
  • Fix player crash when attempting to play tracks > 192kHz
  • Fix display of clip-info for Aupeo! streaming service
  • Improve overall detection of USB thumbdrives
  • BT100: improve reliability of information displayed on player's front panel
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes


15th March 2013:

v266-b-467 for NP30

v266-b-467-a-002 for NP30 with APD

  • General player stability improvements
  • BT100: Fix issue where state gets lost when force re-paring
  • Fix occasional crash when coming out of idle mode
  • Send hostname when doing DHCP request
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes


3rd January 2013:


  • NP30 digital volume controlled by IR remote control (NP30 only)
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes


10th October 2012:


The new firmware update includes a number of upgrades and most importantly, means your Stream Magic 6 or NP30 now supports Apple Lossless (ALAC) playback. Features of the firmware update include:

  • Added Apple Lossless (ALAC) support, 16-24-bit @ 12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48/88.2*/96kHz (*88.2kHz not supported on NP30)
  • Added support for up to 24-bit AIFF @ 12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48/88.2*/96kHz (only 16-bit AIFF was supported previously)
  • Added Display of album/artist metadata on our iPhone App for Internet Radio stations that provide such information
  • Add Auto Power-Down function to European Stream Magic 6 units
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

An updated version of the Android Stream Magic Remote app is also available on the Android app store. The updated version is V1.05 and adds support for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) devices.

25th July 2012:


The new firmware update includes a number of upgrades and most importantly, means your Stream Magic 6 or NP30 now support gapless playback. We’ve also added a handy digital volume control feature to the NP30 to allow you to control the volume of the NP30 using the app or front panel selector. Features of the firmware update include:

  • Added gapless playback via UPnP and local USB
  • Added digital pre-amp mode (digital volume control) to NP30
  • Ensure mute status persists over power-cycle and idle mode
  • Changes to improve interworking with iOS/Android app
  • Some minor fixes to improve UPnP browsing
  • Fix issue where start of playback is lost on analogue output on SM6
  • Improve buffer control on Internet Radio
  • Allow volume control and balance control from iPhone/Android apps
  • Fixes a bug where when switching from internet radio to a digital input of the Stream Magic 6, there is no sound coming from the digital input – requires a restart the Stream Magic 6 in order to get sound again from the digital input
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with Apple ._ files, where they would show as duplicates
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

7th March 2012:


This Stream Magic firmware update includes a number of upgrades and most importantly, means your device will now support Bluetooth audio streaming. All you need is our new plug and play BT100 wireless audio receiver to stream music from your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or MacBook to your Stream Magic device. Read more about this amazing enhancement here Features of the firmware update:

  • Allows the NP30 to work with Stream Magic Remote Android app
  • Changes to improve interworking with iOS/Android app
  • Adds BT100 support
  • Some minor fixes to improve UPnP browsing
  • Add fast scrolling via remote and front panel
  • Rename UuVol to Stream Magic
  • Improve handling of tracks being moved around in the media queue via the iPhone app
  • Displays "Queue Empty" if when Reply/Browse Queue button pressed there is no current queue
  • Ensure that codec information is still displayed when paused
  • Don't list devices that aren't media servers in the 'UPnP Servers' menu
  • Stop playback when queue is cleared
  • Export information on current stream type/source name to iOS/Android app
  • Changes to the preset-setting mechanism
  • Mark currently playing track when browsing UPnP
  • Fix "Network not supported" problem with some access points
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

As part of this update process, we’re also creating a single platform to support all our network players and as such, UuVol has now become Stream Magic. These exciting enhancements will deliver a host of benefits:

Even more powerful control apps...

- UuVol Remote apps for iPhone and iPad have become Stream Magic Remote. Today, an update has been released on the App Store which your device will prompt you to install. As well as changing name to Stream Magic Remote, the app update also features improved UPnP browsing and album art handling.

- Stream Magic app for Android! We’re in the final stages of developing a fantastic app for Android phones. This has been released in advanced beta mode on Android Market and we will continue to develop it to offer seamless control across Android devices. Finally, UuVol Home portal has also now become Stream Magic Home. When you visit the usual you’ll now be redirected to where your UuVol login details will allow you to access your new Stream Magic Home account. Your presets, settings and devices will be carried over to your Stream Magic account and no action is required to activate or use your account.


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