Azur 851N - Information about previous firmware updates

 9th May 2019



  • Fix the end of some tracks being cut off.
  • Fix source selection when using RS232 commands.
  • Fix Increasing volume via CC app after ECO mode start-up returns volume to zero.
  • Improved playback on low bit-rate MP3 files over UPnP.
  • Fix for removing pre-sets via Webmin.
  • Fix to prevent Alva TT+BT100 getting stuck in a stopped state.


22nd January 2019



  • Fix some USB drives not being detected.
  • Fix a rare crash when setting the language and then immediately changing preamp mode.
  • Fix to stop adding previously deleted queue items to the queue after changing the shuffle state.
  • Fix to ensure that the next track is played after deleting the current track in the queue.
  • Fix Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration for users connecting to hidden networks.
  • Fix to remove track length restrictions on High-resolution WAV files larger than 2GB. 


20th November 2018



  • Fix for APEv2 support.
  • Fix for front panel still illuminated when unit is put in standby by remote app.
  • Fixed crash when going to network standby while USB drive is mounting.
  • Improved Audirvana support - better synchronisation with Mac app.


24th September 2018


New Features:

  • Added option to remove TIDAL from Library


  • Fixed issue with CXN,851N, SM6v2 pausing at the end of a track with some UPnP control points
  • Fixed issue with playlists appearing in incorrect order
  • Fixed issue with ‘Play from here’ on USB drive
  • Translation updates


3 April 2018



  • TIDAL Support
  • DASH/HLS support including FLAC streams
  • Support for higher-bitrate BBC stations in the UK as well as on demand content
  • WMA Pro/Lossless Support
  • Seek support in Spotify/media playback (currently only available via front panel and remote)
  • Spotify Podcast support
  • Removal of Spotify 100 track limit
  • Improved Spotify preset functionality
  • New Webmin design
  • Streaming volume limit (set to 100% by default)
  • Presets now stored on device instead of external servers
  • Presets now reset with Factory Reset
  • Inputs can now be set as presets
  • Allow preset selection/buttons to power on from network standby
  • Automatic overnight firmware updates
  • Screen protection for physical inputs (not on streaming or radio sources). Screen switches off after 30mins of inactivity
  • 50th anniversary boot splashscreens


23 February 2017



  • Enabled auto-power-down for all units.
  • Changed default auto-power down timeout to 20 minutes (down from 30)



  • Fixed occasional crash when trying to connect to Spotify
  • Fixed crash when accessing presets from app causing SM unit to crash


28th July 2016 



  • Enabled connection of USB hard drives greater than 2TiB
  • Added support for future IP control protocol
  • SDDP support


UI changes:

  • Increased width of dialog box and auto scale text to fit within box
  • Spotify artwork is displayed when switching back to Spotify
  • Added AirPlay pause control


  • Updated Rhapsody to Napster
  • Made secondary DNS address optional for static IP address settings in Web administration pages
  • Source naming feature now does not accept blank names
  • Added shuffle& repeat control for Spotify
  • Updated translations
  • Increased limit on maximum number of results returned in stations search
  • Improved upgrade notification compatibility with various web-browsers



  • Fixed clock drift on DSP causing digital noise
  • Fixed model name appearing in French and Catalan webmin page
  • Fixed switching between DHCP and static IPs
  • Security fix CVE-2015-7547
  • Fixed crashes caused by Sony Android TVs
  • Fixed scanning/connecting to hidden networks
  • Fixed APD being reset by UPnP devices polling player


28th January 2016:


  • Always display source name on Spotify (ie playlist name) instead of album name.
  • Enabled playback from the default QNAP UPnP server.
  • Fixed 24/192 audio dropout issue on certain networks


20th October 2015 



  • Added 'Play from here' option to media playback pop-up menus
  • Volume/mute indicator on playback screen
  • Network connection and internet connectivity status on playback screen
  • Info screen (long press on i key for useful support information)

UI changes:

  • 851N playback screen now matches CXN
  • Move [Clear Queue] to top of queue browser
  • Highlight currently playing item in queue browser


  • Commas not appearing in track titles in UPnP/USB browser
  • Enable album-art from USB drives on Wi-Fi
  • Allow non-system 24 IR remote codes to control power


12th August 2015


Add support for metadata extraction from AIFF files (USB browsing)

Add support for metadata extraction from WAV files (USB browsing)

Add ability to add personal presets from Web interface

Add remote debug capability


Use unicode 2630 to indicate playlists when browsing USB drives

Use 'Downwards Arrow with Tip Rightwards' to indicate directories when browsing USB drives

Keep track of the user agent string of UPnP control-points

Handle URLs that return 301 (Permanently moved). Fixes BBC 6 Music

Prefer 'folder.jpg' for album art over 'folder.jpg.jpg' (also png/jpeg

Remove install from URL capability

Check metadata is valid utf8 before storing

Correctly strip leading character from directory name

Record last used companion app in settings data

Update translation catalogue (make intl)

Improve album artwork identification logic

When queueing make the browsing menu busy, not the queue select popup

Product logos updated (dimensions & styles unified) in Web interface.


Fix bluetooth distorted audio issues

Fix lack of album art on foobar2000 (and possibly naim uniti serve)

Fix decoding of ID3v2.4 tags with frame sizes > 0x7f. This would mainly have been an issue with files with embedded artwork that appeared prior to the normal Album/Artist/Title metadata

Prevent crash back/info/home is pressed during "Finding Music"

Fix crash when appending empty directory to a shuffled queue

Fix issue with Starting... translation not being displayed correct in certain languages (eg. German)

Fix crash when trying to hide non-live menu on timeout

Fix menu rendering issue on CXN/851N when pressing HOME from queue popup

Fix memory leak when adding to shuffled queue

Fix crash when backing out of dynamic menu before data arrives

Fix crash when deleting shuffled queue that has been appeneded to

Presets adding added

Fix issue when playing radio station from app after factory reset

Fix leak of album title

Fix memory leak when doing play now/next on a non-empty queue

Avoid potential crash on AirPlay if album art arrives before metadata on first track

Fix crash when dropping back to playback control while menu is still loading

Fix crash when backing out of a USB folder while it's still loading

Fix crash when pressing REPLY/BROWSE_QUEUE in airplay mode (having previously been in media player mode)


6th July 2015




  • Network playback of DSD64 - DSF and DFF files
  • Added ability to configure streaming services and podcasts via web settings page
  • Allow Cambridge Connect app to display album art from USB sticks while browsing and playing
  • Allow Cambridge Connect app to display album art during AirPlay playback
  • Display upgrade progress on web settings page

User interface enhancements:

  • Ignore USB playlists within a directory when adding to queue
  • When browsing, feature pop-up play button on front panel in the queue selector rather than always doing play now
  • Remove relevant items from queue when USB device is removed
  • Cache data from browsing USB sticks to allow quicker navigation
  • Upgrade to latest Spotify eSDK (v1.20)


  • Improved stability
  • Improved handling for network connection reconnect
  • Added volume adjustment when live menus are loading
  • Faster queue browsing for larger queue lists
  • One time display for repeated tracks in queue
  • Avoid issue where user was jumped to top of menu tree while browsing currently playing station
  • Handle https:// album art URLs
  • Improved rendering for transitions between menus
  • Updated Japanese translation


18th May 2015: v006-a-581



  • Improved latency on digital inputs on CXN and azur 851N.
  • Fixed issue with low-bitrate stations not playing.
  • Fixed issue with Pandora stopping some tracks after 7 seconds.
  • Fixed issue where unit can randomly switch to Internet Radio source.



  • Improved browsing of Synology network storage devices.



  • Added ‘Bluetooth’ menu to Settings to allow control of BT100 pairing.
  • Added [Queue] menu item to Music Library to allow access to the queue.
  • Alphabetically sort items under Music Library.
  • Reduce lag on initial volume control screen on StreamMagic 6 v2.
  • Added Slovak and Czech characters.
  • Updated translations.


25th March 2015: v006-a-534

  • Ensure pre-stop is cancelled when AirPlay source is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Spotify could hang when switching from non-active Spotify to another source.
  • Fixed an issue where Spotify could get stuck in pause when opening or switching sample rate.
  • Implement 'double buffering' for Spotify, to transmit a continuous audio stream while the Spotify source is selected
  • Add double buffer implementation and allow buffer level to be configurable.
  • Improved mute/unmute from DSP changes.
  • Ensure stop command stops any on-going playlist processing.
  • Don't send pre-stop if player isn't in playing state.
  • Corrected function to re-start track when restarting after a network re-connect.
  • Don't cancel network connect when going into network standby.
  • Fixed some menu rendering issues.
  • Rearrange source order in Audio Source List to match the menus. Source in mobile apps will now match the order in that menu.
  • Fixed issue with home button not always taking cursor to top of main menu.
  • Remove initial display of 'dB' text.

Firmware version at product launch: v006-a-493

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