What is in Early Updates?

16th July 2019

Early update: 014-a-149

Products: EDGE NQ, CXR, 851N, CXNv2, CXNv1, SM6v2 


  • Fix Media Library device list disappearing after changing language.


27th June 2019

Early update: 014-a-148

Products: EDGE NQ, CXR, 851N, CXNv2, CXNv1, SM6v2


  • Fix a crash when attempting to play FLAC files with unusually large embedded artwork.
  • Fix to make sure that the progress bar is always displayed correctly when playing AIFF files.
  • Enable playback controls to work properly after toggling network standby during playback. 


12th June 2019

Early update: V014-a-145

Products: EDGE NQ, CXR, 851N, CXNv2, CXNv1, SM6v2


  • Fixed a rare crash when accessing some Media Libraries.


More information on early updates and how to apply them can be found HERE.

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