What is in Early Updates?

15 January 2019

Early update: v014-a-109

Products: EDGE NQ, 851N, CXN, CXNv2,CXR, Stream Magic 6 v2


  • Edge NQ - Ability to enable or disable pre-amp mode.
  • Fix Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration for users connecting to hidden networks.
  • Fix to remove track length restrictions on High-resolution WAV files larger than 2GB.


12 December 2018

Early update: v014-a-100

Products: EDGE NQ, 851N, CXN, CXNv2, Stream Magic 6 v2


  • Edge NQ - Fix to stop unintended auto-power-down on some Bluetooth streams.
  • Edge NQ - Fix to make sure you can always save a Spotify album or playlist as a preset when using the Edge Remote.
  • Fix some USB drives not being detected.
  • Fix a rare crash when setting the language and then immediately changing preamp mode.
  • Fix to stop adding previously deleted queue items to the queue after changing the shuffle state.
  • Fix to ensure that the next track is played after deleting the current track in the queue.

More information on early updates and how to apply them can be found HERE.

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