What Is In Early Updates?

2nd October 2017

The 011-a-260 early update is now available for the 851N/CXN/Stream Magic 6 V2.

This early update includes:


New Features:

  • DASH/HLS support including FLAC streams
  • Support for higher-bitrate BBC stations in the UK as well as on demand content
  • WMA Pro/Lossless Support
  • Seek support in Spotify/media playback (currently only available via front panel and remote)
  • Spotify Podcast support
  • Removal of Spotify 100 track limit
  • Improved Spotify preset functionality
  • Presets now stored on device instead of external servers
  • Presets now reset with Factory Reset
  • Inputs can now be set as presets
  • Allow preset selection/buttons to power on from network standby
  • Automatic overnight firmware updates
  • Screen protection for physical inputs (not on streaming or radio sources). Screen switches off after 30mins of inactivity
  • Various bug fixes


  • Buffering improvements
  • Fixed internet radio stations stopping and not restarting
  • Fixed seek in FLAC files
  • Other Minor Bug fixes


More information on early updates and how to apply them can be found HERE


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