CXR 120/200 - Information about previous firmware updates

 24th September 2018


New Features:

  • Added option to remove TIDAL from Library


  • Fixed issue with CXN,851N, SM6v2 pausing at the end of a track with some UPnP control points
  • Fixed issue with playlists appearing in incorrect order
  • Fixed issue with ‘Play from here’ on USB drive
  • Translation updates


3rd April 2018: v012-a-471


  • TIDAL Support
  • DASH/HLS support including FLAC streams
  • Support for higher-bitrate BBC stations in the UK as well as on demand content
  • WMA Pro/Lossless Support
  • Seek support in Spotify/media playback (currently only available via front panel and remote)
  • Spotify Podcast support
  • Removal of Spotify 100 track limit
  • Improved Spotify preset functionality
  • New Webmin design
  • Presets now stored on device instead of external servers
  • Presets now reset with Factory Reset
  • Automatic overnight firmware updates


  • Performance improvements
  • Detect and fix incomplete factory resets
  • Fix duplicate information when browsing some UPnP servers
  • Fix spurious busy spinner on Settings/Auto Power Down screen
  • Handle UTF-8 characters when fast-scrolling through menus
  • Allow change of language without restarting
  • Other Minor Bug fixes

24th April 2017: v009-a-132


  • Fixed occasional crash when trying to connect to Spotify
  • Fixed crash when accessing presets from app causing SM unit to crash
  • Fixed issue with no audio when playing back 24/192KHz files
  • Fixed issue changing between multi-channel to 2 channel
  • Fixed issue with 5.1 or 7.1 signals through Coax or Optical inputs
  • Fixed issue with Subwoofer switching off in Direct mode



28th July 2016: v009-a-115


  • Enabled connection of USB hard drives greater than 2TB
  • Added support for future IP control protocol
  • SDDP support


UI changes:

  • Increased width of dialog box and auto scale text to fit within box
  • Spotify artwork is displayed when switching back to Spotify
  • Enabled presets on CXR Web administration pages
  • Updated Rhapsody to Napster
  • Made secondary DNS address optional for static IP address settings in Web administration pages
  • Source naming feature now does not accept blank names
  • Added shuffle& repeat control for Spotify
  • Updated translations
  • Increased limit on maximum number of results returned in stations search
  • Improved upgrade notification compatibility with various web-browsers



  • Fixed sub not working correctly in 'All Channels' mode
  • Fixed Spotify playback issues when connected via Ethernet
  • Fixed model name appearing in French and Catalan webmin page
  • Fixed switching between DHCP and static IPs
  • Security fix CVE-2015-7547
  • Fixed crashes caused by Sony Android TVs
  • Fixed scanning/connecting to hidden networks
  • Fixed CXR200 where the 2nd zone icon did not appear on mobile apps


28th January 2016:  v008-a-112


  • Enable playback from the default QNAP UPnP server.
  • Fix 24/192 audio dropout issue on certain networks
  • Fix failure to play 192khz track as first track from power on
  • Fix issue switching between sample rates on CXR


20th October 2015: v008-a-100


Play from here support for Cambridge Connect app
Added ability for CXU remote to operate CXR

UI changes:

Single speaker setup now operates both Subwoofer outputs


Enabled DSD over HDMI
Enabled rear panel IR inputs
Commas not appearing in track titles in UPnP/USB browser
Enable album-art from USB drives on Wi-Fi

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