Driver v4.47 - download

Version 4.47 adds compatibility with Windows 10.

This new version can be used on the following operating systems in both 32bit and 64bit:

Older versions of Windows 7 and earlier operating systems are not supported and you will need to use the v1.67 or v1.43 driver.

Please Note: If you are running a previous version of this driver without any issues you will not need to download this driver.


If you own a DacMagic100, DacMagic Plus, 851C or 751R manufactured before 2014 you may (or may not) need to upgrade its USB firmware to use v4.47.

Please see the instructions included in the driver download below for full details and instructions.

  • 751R upgrade file 
    (please contact customer support for 751R upgrade file, quoting 751R serial number)
  • 851C upgrade file 
    (please contact customer support for 851C upgrade file, quoting 851C serial number)
  • DacMagic 100 upgrade file 
    (please contact customer support for DacMagic 100 upgrade file, quoting DacMagic 100 serial number)
  • DacMagic Plus upgrade file 
    (please contact customer support for DacMagic Plus upgrade file, quoting DacMagic Plus serial number)
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