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We've made some exciting updates to our network music players and the functionality is a little different to the older versions of our units’ manuals as has now closed down.

When an update is released for your specific network player, you can find the release notes via the products page here on our support site.

More details about the changes and why this has occurred can be found below.


What’s changed?

We have closed down the website and given control of your unit via the front panel of the unit, a webmin page for your unit and the Cambridge Connect app.


Why is this happening?

We believe it is easier to use the functions provided by (such as linking and unlinking streaming services and managing presets) directly on your Network Player.

This removes the need to log in to; create a user and register your device before you are able to perform any of these functions. By moving these functions directly into the unit, we have removed the added layer of complexity of performing these tasks via a separate website, and taken the opportunity to add some extra features.


How do I do what I used to do on

  • Upgrade to the latest release (see release notes), by navigating to Settings > Firmware > Check for updates.
  • Once updated, you can locate your webmin page by entering the IP address for your unit into a web browser on the same network. By navigating to the IP address of your unit, you will see the new device settings pages.
  • The IP address of your unit can be found from either the front panel (under Settings > Network > Current Config, then scrolling through the details shown), or from the Cambridge Connect app by tapping the info (i) button next to the name of the Stream Magic device you want to configure in the Players screen.

The device settings page allows you to:-

  • Change the name of your unit
  • Check and update your devices’ firmware
  • Link and unlink streaming services
  • Manage Personal Podcasts


How do I manage my radio presets?

You can remove presets, or add new ones, directly from the Cambridge Connect app which is available for iOS device on the App Store or for Android devices on Google Play.

Currently playing stations can also be added as presets by using the front panel.


How do I set a custom URL as a preset?

You can add the station to your player by going to the web setup page. Simply enter the IP address of the player into your web browser; then enter the link into the Presets field.


How do I register my unit?

If you would like to register your unit you can do so by visiting the link below.


Cambridge Connect

Cambridge Connect is our app (available on both iOS and Android) that has been designed with significantly improved UPnP browsing and the new queue user interface and that has been implemented in this new firmware update.

The StreamMagic app will also continue to function on devices running iOS 10 and earlier, however development and support for this app has long since ceased and we would strongly recommend switching to the Connect app.


I’m quite happy with my unit at the moment, what if I don’t want to upgrade?

We’d really encourage you to try this update if you haven’t already done so. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to the previous version. However, when you are prompted to upgrade, please choose ‘No’.


If you require any further assistance or have any questions please let us know.

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