Why is my network player unable to locate my NAS drive?

If your player is unable see the NAS at all, or unable to connect to it from both the front panel or Cambridge Connect app, your NAS may require restarting.

We would firstly recommend power reset of your NAS. This involves disconnecting the unit from it's power source for approximately 30 minutes.

If this doesn't help; the NAS's UPnP server may require restarting. This is sometimes necessary if the NAS is in constant use as occasionally it's database can become 'confused' and need a 'kick-start' or even rebuilding from scratch.

This can be easily performed via the 'webmin' configuration page, which is usually accessed most easily by using the software that was initially provided with the NAS.

If you don't have this software installed, then you'll need to find the IP address of the NAS.
This can usually be found in your router's webmin setup page within the connected devices list, or alternatively you can locate this manually on a Windows computer by using the following steps:

1. Open the Start menu and type cmd into the search bar.Within the start menu, a program entitled 'cmd.exe' box should then appear.

2. Once you open the program, a black box with some dialogue should appear.

3. Type "ping 'the name of your NAS'" into the box e.g. ping MyCloud. Next press Enter.

4. The page should now return a list of results from your NAS drive (similar to, for example). This is the IP address of your NAS.

Type the NAS's IP address into your internet browser(Chrome, Internet Explorer,etc) and this will display the NAS's webmin page. From here you can access the settings menu of the NAS drive which should provide the option to either restart or rebuild its media database.

Please note: The location of these options will vary depending on the model of NAS.

This will then allow you to rebuild the NAS's entire music database and ensure that it is serving music to your player correctly.

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