How do I use the ARC connection between the TVB2 and my Panasonic TV?

If you are experiencing difficulty with the ARC connection between the TVB2 and your Panasonic television, there are a few setup options on the TV that may help.

One alternative connectivity option to get sound straight away is to simply use the Optical connection from the TV to the Soundbar.

P_tri.PNGARC connectionTroubleshooting

  • Double check the HDMI Out (ARC) socket on the TVB2 is definitely connected to the ARC output of the TV.
  • In the TV's setup, within Viera Link mode, make sure 'Home Cinema' is selected rather than 'TV Speaker'
  • In the TV's menu check the Audio setting for the HDMI Arc out is set to Auto (ideally Stereo) and not multi-channel.
  • There should be an option within the Setup/HDMI settings menu to change the HDMI mode. Please set this to Mode 1. It is important to change this for HDMI input 2 as this is the one with ARC.

    Panasonic have designed their connections as below:
    HDMI Mode 1 sets the connection to HDMI 2.0
    HDMI Mode 2 sets the connection to HDMI 1.4

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