Will the TVB2 Power on and off automatically?

Auto power OFF:

To save power, the TVB2 will automatically turn off after a few minutes if no sound is playing from your TV. The unit takes 20 minutes for the Auto Power Down feature to kick in.


Auto power ON:

When you turn on your TV, the TVB2 will detect the sound and automatically turn on.


P_tri.PNGAuto power ON: Troubleshooting

If the TVB2 continues to automatically power ON when your TV is switched off then this would indicate that the TV is still sending a signal to the TVB2 causing it to power on.

One method of confirming if this is the cause would be to switch your TV off at the mains and see if the problem continues to occur.

Please note: It is not possible to disable or adjust the auto power on/off feature of the TVB2.


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