How do I pair with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth set-up

The TVB2 is equipped with Bluetooth to allow wireless playback from any Bluetooth equipped phone, tablet to computer.

  1. Select the Bluetooth  on the remote and  will flash on the display.
  2. To connect a Bluetooth device to the TVB2, press and hold the  button. Consult the instructions of the Bluetooth device to connect to TVB2. When successfully connected,  will stop flashing.

Once paired, music from your device will play through TVB2. To add another Bluetooth device, repeat from step 2. TVB2 will store up to 99 paired devices in memory. 



If your Bluetooth device is NFC enabled

You may need to ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Touch your NFC device against the logo  on the side of the TVB2. The TVB2 will enter automatic pairing mode and "TVB2 Cambridge" should appear on your device. 


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