Why is my TVB2 producing a distorted sound?

If you are experiencing a distorted sound being output from the TVB2, this may be due to a multi-channel (surround sound) signal being sent from the source device.

P_tri.PNGTV sound settings: Troubleshooting

The TVB2 is designed to receive either a PCM/LPCM or stereo signal and is unable to understand surround sound signals such as Dolby or DTS.

With this in mind, please ensure that your source device output settings (TV/Blu-ray/DVD etc) are set to either PCM/LPCM or stereo within the settings.

In some cases, this can also occur with TV apps such as Netflix/Amazon instant video. In cases such as this, the sound settings within the app will require adjustment to PCM/LPCM or stereo

If you are unsure of how to adjust your TV/TV-app sound settings, please refer to your TV manual or contact your subscription provider.

We do hope that this information helps, but should you require any further assistance please contact us via the Cambridge Audio support site HERE


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