To Play Back SACD, Do I Need To Connect All The 5 Pairs Of Audio Leads (The Multi-Channel Analogue Output), Or Can I Use The HDMI Connection To Carry The SACD Signal To The Amplifier?

It entirely depends what sort of amplifier/receiver you are connecting to;

If your amp/receiver can handle DSD or PCM over HDMI, then this is the simplest way to connect.  This way, the CXU will simply be acting as a transport and the amp will be doing the decoding, so the audio quality will depend largely on the quality of the amp/receiver.

If your amp/receiver can't handle HDMI audio, or you want the CXU to do the decoding (so that the sound quality is more the result of the Blu-ray player than the amp) then you can connect the analogue multi-channel outputs into the amplifiers multi-channel direct input.

You will only get the benefit of the CXU's Wolfson DACs and ATF upsampling by using the analogue multi-channel outputs.

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