How do I stop the Air from losing signal whilst streaming?

If you are experiencing dropouts in audio when using AirPlay, Spotify Connect or Internet Radio; these kinds of instabilities can be caused by the bandwidth requirements of transmitting audio mixed with other data such as downloading, etc. Sometimes you may not have the bandwidth available to handle all of this information at the same time.

Unfortunately we are unable to reduce the amount of data required to stream audio from the Internet. However, if you limit the amount of other data usage in the home whilst streaming, this will allow uninterrupted playback. Restricting the amount of data can be achieved by closing apps on your Smart devices that may be using data in the background, or pausing active downloads such as movies, music etc.

We would also recommend checking that you have a strong WiFi signal in your Minx Air's location, or connecting the unit directly to your router via Ethernet.

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