What are early updates?

Early updates give users the opportunity to opt in to receive pre release firmware for their Network Music Players. To opt in for early updates, go to the web setup page of your player, by typing it’s IP address into a web browser on the same network.



Once you have reached this page, simply check the box and accept the terms and conditions in the firmware section to enable upgrading to early releases.



Once this is checked, your player will automatically receive firmware updates before they are released to the public. This will allow you to try and give your feedback on upcoming features and fixes.


Please note: As per the terms and conditions, once this box is checked, feedback sent via the app is not submitted to the Cambridge customer support team. Feedback is sent directly to the engineering team and it is highly likely that only in exceptional or unusual circumstances will you be contacted. If you have an issue pertaining to the general public firmware release, you should un-check the early updates option and allow your player to update to the general release firmware in order to request help via the app.


What if I no longer want to receive early updates? If you do not wish to receive early updates, simply un-check the box on the web setup page. You can opt in and out as you please. If you’ve previously updated to an early update, but no longer wish to continue, un-checking the box will enable you to revert back to the latest public release for your network player.

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