What is the latest software version for my AV Receiver?

The most up-to-date software versions for the pre-CX Series AVRs are as follows: 

650R:    MCU/HDMI/DSP  2.0/3.0/1.0  

651/751R V1:   MCU/HDMI/DSP  1.52/1.45/1.09  

551R V1 EU (220 - 240V):   MCU/HDMI/DSP  3.4/3.3/1.0

551R V1 CU (100 - 115V):   MCU/HDMI/DSP  3.4/3.4/1.0

551R V2:   v2.9

751R V2:   MCU/HDMI/DSP  1.24/1.19/1.0

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