Cambridge Connect app explained

Our Cambridge Connect app now allows you to control certain Cambridge Audio streaming devices via a phone or tablet. 

This app is compatible with iOS 7.1 and Android 4.0 or later.

To help our users with these changes, the following guide will explain some of the basic functions of the Connect app.

Spotify Connect users - click here to learn how to use Spotify Connect on your device. 

TIDAL users - click here to learn how to use TIDAL on your device. 


The List Icon:

The List icon on the bottom left corner will show you Library, Radio, Inputs, Settings and Help.



Select Players to show all of the available devices on the network. Simply tap on the name of your device to connect. To restart the search, pull down on the list and release.



Once you've connected to your player, you can view all available NAS drives or UPnP servers in the Library view.


Music Libraries:

Once the correct NAS or server has been selected, you'll be able to browse your music collection!



If you press and hold an album, you can either choose to play it now, play it next, add it to the queue or replace the entire queue.


Your Queue:

You can view your queue by selecting the list button at the bottom of the screen, next to the musical note.

 You can also view the album art and song information by tapping on the thumbnail in the far right of the screen.


Inputs Menu/Spotify:

The inputs menu will allow you to select the analogue or digital inputs on the back of your device, including Bluetooth. 

You can also select Spotify from here, which will then direct you to the Spotify app on your phone or tablet.


Accessing Streaming Services:

To gain access to your streaming services and podcasts, you will need to type the IP address of your player into a web browser. The IP address can be found by clicking on the info button, next to your device in the Players menu.


Once you've navigated to that page, you'll be able to link or unlink streaming services as well as add or remove podcasts.



Radio Menu:

The Radio menu will allow you to search for a radio station and add/remove presets. If you search for a station and tap on the name, you can choose to play or add it to a numbered preset. To remove the preset from your presets menu, just swipe to the left and tap on the red Delete option.




For further help and support with your products, you can select the Help menu within the app.


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