Why isn't BBC Five Live commentary always available?

Certain commentaries and shows are not broadcast via live Shoutcast mp3 stream. This is a BBC legal decision. 

This does not affect all of BBC Four/Five Lives programming. Just certain commentaries.

According to BBC's official statement:

"Our new ShoutCast streams are unrestricted which means that we can make them available both in the UK and globally, this significantly simplifies how they are served, but does mean that users whose devices can only receive the ShoutCast stream and not one of the new HTTP streaming formats will hear a version of the stream which will blank sport where the BBC does not hold international rights".

We are currently unable to support the BBC HTTP (HLS) stream, more information can be found here.

There is nothing we can do to force BBC to not censor their stream.

You can submit a request to BBC for further information here.

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