Why aren't certain BBC Internet Radio Streams Working?

The BBC have announced that they are making changes to the way in which they deliver their radio content. As such, they have switched their WMA and AAC streams over to HLS format. More information on this can be found on the BBC website below.

BBC Audio Factory

Most BBC stations are also broadcast as MP3 streams, which all of our Stream Magic, Connect and Minx Air devices are able to play as normal, but if you previously listened to an AAC or WMA stream from the BBC, unfortunately this will no longer function. Therefore we request that you please use the MP3 version where available.

On demand services are also gradually being removed, however any that remain on display should function correctly.

Please note: Unfortunately this is beyond Cambridge Audio’s control and is due to the BBC's change in internet radio streams. However, we are investigating options for supporting AAC streams via the HLS format and BBC iPlayer radio support on our products. We do hope to have an update to this in the future.

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