How do I synchronise/pair two G2 speakers so that they play the same music together?

It is possible to synchronise two G2 speakers together so that both will play back your music simultaneously, allowing you to enjoy your music in a larger area.

Using the mode switch on the rear of your G2, select 'A' on one, and 'B' on the other.

Switch on the ‘A’ unit and wait a few seconds for it to beep or pair with any phone/tablet that you may have previously paired. Then double press the Bluetooth button. A continuous low beeping should now be heard.

Switch on the ‘B’ unit and double press the Bluetooth button on that unit. Both units should now be making the same low beeping noise and the Bluetooth LED will be flashing blue on both speakers, indicating that they are synchronising with each other.

This process usually takes 20-30 seconds but can take up to a minute.

Successful synchronisation is indicated when the units emit a slightly higher pitched ‘beep’ and the Bluetooth LED on the ‘B’ unit turns solid blue.

Now, if not already done so, you can simply pair your phone or tablet with the ‘A’ unit Your music will now play through both speakers at the same time, filling a larger room.

If you adjust volume on either one of the synchronised G2s, the volume will automatically adjust on both speakers.

The next time you switch on the G2s, they will remember this synchronised setting, and will synchronise immediately.

If you wish to use them separately, simply set the mode switch back to the ‘A’ setting on both G2 speakers. They will un-sync with each other and you can use them individually again.

If you wish to pair to a different master (A) speaker in the future, see the FAQ here for details on how to reset the slave (B) speaker.

You can learn more about how to set up, pair and synchronise your G2 speaker by watching the setup video below: 


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