How do I switch on my amplifier with the Stream Magic 6 or the Connect app?

To switch on your amplifier using the Stream Magic 6, you must have the Stream Magic 6 connected to the amplifier via the control bus cable. The control bus cable should run from Control Bus Out from the Stream Magic 6 to Control Bus In on the amplifier. 

Then, using the Connect app, front panel or the remote control, you can power the Stream Magic 6 on and off **.  This will in turn send the power command to the amplifier which will switch on or off with the Stream Magic 6.

 *Digital Pre Amp mode must be enabled, to ensure that the volume is not set to maximum if being used in conjunction with a power amplifier.

** To power on and off using the Connect app, the Stream Magic 6 must also be in 'Instant On' mode, allowing it to remain visible on the network for the app to 'see it' in order to power it up

1. Navigate to the menu button on the bottom left corner of the Connect app.


2. The Stream Magic which is connected to the app will show with a tick. Press the power symbol in the top right corner of the app to power the player off.


3. To switch the player back on, navigate to the same place and selecting your player will show the message: "Do you wish to exit idle mode?" Select Yes to wake the unit up.



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