What is the 4 digit remote control code for Cambridge Audio products?

Cambridge Audio products use IR remote control codes and in some cases are compatible with 3rd party learning(universal) remote controls.

Some of these remote controls require a 4-digit IR code to work with our products.

This code is generated by the manufacturer of the remote control and designated to a specific company(In this case, Cambridge Audio). This Cambridge Audio relevant code will be different depending on the remote control manufacturer.

So, for example;
For a Philips universal remote, the code to control one of our systems could be 1234. However, for a Logitech remote to control the same system, its code could be 5678.

As such, the universal remote control manufacturer are the only company that can provide any sort of code to use their remote control.

We provide a full list of IR codes on our website, which you can view on the specific products' support page.

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