What do I do if my learning remote (LR10) is not storing buttons correctly?

When teaching commands to the learning remote, there are 3 possible ways to transmit signals from an original remote:


1. Single command

2. Burst of commands (around 3-5)

3. Stream: continuous command signal.


This is done in the following manner:

1. Single command: with the remote in learn mode, the key on the sending remote that is being learnt from only needs a single quick push, just enough for it to start to send a signal. If the sending remote button is only tapped once briefly in this fashion, then the remote will receive this, wait for a bit to see if anything more is coming, and then when it is satisfied that there are no more commands being transmitted, it will flash 'ok' and store that single command.


2. Burst of commands, as with single commands, but the button on the sending remote will need to be held for slightly longer, so hat it sends the same command a few times. As above, when the sending has ceased, after a while, when the remote realized that there is nothing more to come, it will flash 'ok' and store that burst of command codes. If the keys on the remote that is sending the signal are held down for too long, they will send a burst, which the LR10 will learn and replicate, which results in erratic movement between presents, volume control, etc...


3. Stream: here, the sending key is pushed down, and held down continually, until the remote has received the maximum data stream it can store for a particular button.


On the LR10 learning remote, the volume controls are fixed as the controls for Incognito KP10 keypads and AS10 active speakers, as this remote is designed specifically to be used with the Incognito multiroom system.


The volume controls are fixed on this, and cannot be changed. If you are not using the LR10 in an Incognito system, and wish to use the remote to directly control other units, you will need to learn the volume commands for those units to other buttons on the remote, such as the cursor up and down buttons.

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