Upsampling an external audio source? -- I have large music collection on my external device. When I connect it to the Cambridge Audio DAC using an optical or coaxial digital connection, will the DAC play and up-sample the audio?

Yes.  Our upsampling DACs (DacMagic Plus, Stream Magic 6, 851C, 851D, 752BD, 740C, 840C) have digital inputs (co-axial or optical for each input) to allow listeners to benefit from enjoying their favourite digital music being upsampled using the sophisticated ATF upsampling in these machines.

If the products is just a DAC (such as DacMagic Plus or 851C), then you will to connect your external drive to a player or computer to play the files, before sending the digitl signal to the DAC.

If the product is a player as well as a DAC (such as as Stream Magic 6 or 752BD) then you can connect your external hard drive directly to the DAC/player.

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