Where can I get a service manual for my product?

We are able to provide you with a service manual for products no longer in production; however, we strongly recommend that the product is inspected and serviced by an approved Cambridge Audio service agent.
This will allow for accurate diagnosis of any faults and ensure that all servicing is performed to Cambridge Audio Standards.

Should you wish to arrange servicing of your product, this can be organised via your local dealer which can be located here.

Please note: Should you wish to repair or modify the product yourself (or use a third party repair agent), we are unable to guarantee that such a repair will resolve the problem you are experiencing.

Any repairs and/or modifications are performed at your own risk and Cambridge Audio accepts no liability.

This includes any underlying faults that may manifest as a result of the units adjustment, any personal injury caused to you or others.

Please also note that any adjustment or unofficial repair performed will also void an existing warranty.

If you would like to proceed, please contact our Support Team to request a service manual.

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