Can I network my 640H with Apple O/S 10.5?

The 640H is almost 5 years old now, and has not been tested with Apple O/S 10.5.  As such, we cannot offer support for Mac beyond 10.4.x.


The 640H was developed under the lifespan of Windows XP and Apple O/S 10.2 which we fully supported and continued to support throughout the life of Vista and 10.4.


The 640H, as the existing networking guides specify, is a slave to the network.  What this means is that there is no anti-virus, firewall or other such software in the 640H that restricts its network communications.  It uses the standardised TCP/IP framework which both Apple and MS use as a low level basis for computer-to-computer communication.  It is however, the higher level coding that Apple and MS employ in their operating systems to improve their security which restricts the 640H from �connecting� to a computer.  Sharing folders within Windows is an example of such security.


This is why some customers report that the computer can connect to the 640H, but the 640H cannot connect to the computer.  It is because the computer itself that is blocking the 640H.  Although we have tried to help customers as much as we can with the existing guides, it is in fact the operating systems themselves that the guides address and which require the most attention in solving these problems and not the 640H. 


The 640H is no longer in production, and with every product there comes a time when we can no longer offer technical fixes to complex problems as a result of what Apple and MS decide to do to their operating systems.

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