Can the 650R pass through a 3D signal to my television?

Yes, with the latest firmware the 650R can pass through a 3D signal to your television.

The 650R can pass Frame Packed (Interleaved) 3D modes at 720p 50Hz, 720p 60Hz or 1080p 24fps.  So far all 3D games are 720p 60Hz whilst 3D BD movies are 1080p24.

All 3D TVs and BD players do support these 3D modes and form the standard that the 650R is able to pass through to a compatible TV screen.

We have recently updated the 650R software, allowing the pass through of a 3D video signal as described above.  Your 650R will need to be running the latest software (version 1.9) in order to pass a 3D video signal.  Your dealer will be happy to arrange for this update to be carried out if required.

Please note that the 650R does not process a 3D video signal � it will simply pass it through its own HDMI connections on to a compatible 3D display.

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